Mendoza Purse - Mosatza

Mendoza Purse - Mosatza

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She's totally cute and everything you've ever wanted - in a purse that is.

The Mendoza Purse is well, how do we put it, our must-have? She might look compact, but don't be fooled she can fit a lot in her 13cm diameter and her round silhouette makes her all the more dreamy. Made with the softest, richest suede (they actually feel like heaven to touch) and finished with quality gold hardware, and our signature blind embossed logo, this beauty was made to be loved. And you know what they say 'if you love something put its name in a circle, because hearts can break but circles are forever'. The Mendoza Purse is finished off with the oh so sweet and oh so cute hand made cotton Rio Tassel that will add a pop of colour to your new love. It's totally detachable of corse and totally unique to Palma Collective, it even comes with its own charm and bell - muy linda.


Amigos Para Siempre (that means 'Friends Forever').

Composition: 100% Premium Suede

Width: 13cm/ Height: 13cm


Avoid contact with water. We recommend using a suede protector before use. Suede can be restored with a suede sponge to help clean superficial dirt and stains.

*As the logo on each bag is hand stamped, there may be slight variations in the colour and finish of the logo. We believe the more natural and 'real' the better and the small variations are part of what makes each piece uniquely beautiful.

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